Yosuke Demukai



“One of “Personality in fashion” series. These are commission work for fashion label TAAKK. The relation between personality and fashion is always not straight. Personality depends on fashion? Fashion belongs to personality? Or both stand on equal. During past several seasons, I approached with hallowing out meaning of word personality.

It was process of discovering approach for fashion. In same time I denied essential relation between them through process. My approach for 20AW was reflection.In Winter, we are covered in heavy clothes. We see people’s personality with body shape, face and fashion…If you are surrounded by people’s eye in city, this rule might be fact. But how about a situation in which nobody sees you? Your face is not important, your body shape is not important. Fashion itself exists in such a state without personality. Fashion erodes people’s personality behind crashed reflection in forest. Mirror mask idea was corporation with artist Kunio Kohzaki”


Yosuke Demukai was born in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Whilst studying philosophy and literature at Waseda University in Tokyo,

He became interested in the relationship between reality and truth through photography.

His interest was moved him to see different countries with different reality.

After traveling several countries, he settled up at Warsaw, Poland.

Life there inspired him to know his subject from different perspective.

His career as photographer started there.

Yosuke currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

His photographic style is a unique combination of Japanese aesthetics and central Europe influences.